Table of Contents

  1. “drawing queer space: the kind of activism drawings do” – Chris Campe
  2. “Cassette Tape Materiality” – Whitney Johnson
  3. “Severed Limbs and Dissected Bodies: Early Modern Discourses of Anatomy, Cartography, and Corporeal Fragmentation in the Age of Discovery” – Sara Kowalski
  4. “Playing with Numbers: A Digital Instrument Inquisition” – Jordan Mandel
  5. “Machines for living: Reflections on Le Corbusier’s Plan Obus (Algiers) & Unité d’Habitation (Marseilles)” – Hugh Pouliot
  6. “Abundance and Banality: Jeff Koons at the Palace of Versailles” – Jailee Rychen
  7. “Geometries of Perception: in Sir Thomas Browne’s Hydriotaphia and The Garden of Cyrus” – Rachael Wilson
  8. “We bought a virgin: The Issue of the Artist in No Ghost Just A Shell” – Rachel M. Wolff

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