Table of Contents

  1. “Artists in Uniform: Mural Work, Public Archives, and the Invention of a Usable Past” – Richard Cole
  2. “Kidneys to Go: Dis-Ordering the Body in a Pretty Dirty Economy” – Chris Ewart
  3. “Leibovitz and Sontag: Picturing an Ethics of Queer Domesticity” – Caitlin McKinney
  4. “Hysterical Spaces: Curatorship and Meaning in the Traveling Exhibition: A Case Study of the National Gallery of Canada’s ‘Hysteria and the Body.'” – Kaitlyn Patience
  5. “The (In)Visible Artist: Stencil Graffiti, Activist Art, and the Value of Visual Public Space” – Emily J Truman
  6. “The Horse in Landscape: Animals, Grooming, Labour and the City in the Seventeenth-Century Netherlands” – Alexandra Turnbull
  7. “Review of Steven Fine’s Art and Judaism in the Greco-Roman World: Towards a New Jewish Archeology” – Jennifer Zilm

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