Table of Contents

  1. “The Postmodern Turn in Cronenberg’s Cinema: Possibility in Bodies” – Sara Eddleman
  2. “Digital Duende: Reading the Rasp in E-Poetry” – Amanda G. Michaels
  3. “Signs of Life: Relational Aesthetics and the [murmur] project” – Jennifer Orpana
  4. “Illusion and Iconoclasm in Emmanuel de Witte’s ‘A Sermon in the Old Church in Delft'” – Matthew Scribner
  5. “Reconsidering the ‘Obscene’: The Massa Marittima Mural” – Matthew Ryan Smith
  6. “Legitimizing the Artist: Avant-Garde Utopianism and Relational Aesthetics” – Elise Takehana
  7. “Matching Bodies, Matching Souls: (re)constructing gender in Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe’s Horses photograph” – Elizabeth Wolfson

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Susan Cahill
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