Table of Contents

  1. battaglia dosman gaertner knight “Iqqaipaa / I Remember: Spatial and Temporal Constructions of Identity in the Museum” – Julia Lum
  2. “When Seeing is Believing: Women, Alcohol and Photography in Victorian Britain” – Julia Skelly
  3. “‘The Magical Power of Words’: Font and Ideology in Western Newspapers” – Dave Gaertner
  4. “Clement Greenberg: A Political Reconsideration” – Louis Battaglia
  5. “9/11 TragiComix: Allegories of National Trauma in Art Spiegelman’s In the Shadow of No Towers” – Jordan Rendell Smith
  6. “(Re)visioning Heterotopia: The Function of Mirrors and Reflection in Seventeenth-Century Painting” – Danielle Manning
  7. “Borromini’s First Encounter with the Unique Architectural Designs of G.B. Montano” – Janina Knight
  8. “‘Fixed by so much better a fire’: Wigs and Masculinity in early 18th-century British Miniatures” – Eric Weichel
  9. “The Evolution of Conservation and Disaster Planning in the Face of Disaster: Responses to the Florence flood of 1966 and to the 2005 flood in New Orleans” – Jane Dosman

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