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In recent years, public protest movements such as Occupy and #BlackLivesMatter have demonstrated the ways in which political power, economic and ethnic identity, and cultural memory are closely linked to questions of space. The assembly of non-hierarchical oppositional communities in Zuccotti Park, the mass demonstrations across American cities countering police-enforced racial segregation, and the construction of precarious counter-monuments to the victims of state violence (such as the recently-destroyed memorial for Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo.) exemplify how efforts to resist and commemorate are entangled with the unequally distributed access to public space in post-Civil Rights America.

This special issue of Shift takes a broad view of these recent developments by exploring the interrelationships of space, alterity/identity and memory in visual and material culture across geographical regions and historical periods. 

Andrianna Campbell and Jonathan Patkowski, Co-Editors



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The Graduate Center, CUNY

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Joaquín Barriendos, Columbia University
Claire Bishop, The Graduate Center, CUNY
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Catharine H. Roehrig, The Metropolitan Museum of Art
Cole Roskam, University of Hong Kong
Robert Slifkin, NYU IFA
Soyoung Yoon, The New School

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Hilarie Ashton, English,The Graduate Center, CUNY
Tenann Bell, Decorative Arts and Design, Bard
Robert Brennan, Art History, New York University, IFA
Julia Pelta Feldman, Art History, NYU IFA
Andrew Kuech, Politics and Historical Studies, New School
Ariane Lebot, Cinema Studies, NYU Tisch
Dana Liljegren, Art History, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Tina Montenegro, French, NYU
Ksenia Nouril, Art History, Rutgers University
Kristen Poor, Art History, Princeton University
Gregor Quack, Art History, Columbia University
Allison Young, Art History, NYU IFA
Rachel Wetzler, Art History, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Rachael M. Wilson, English and American Literatures, NYU
Lauren Wolfe, Comparative Literature, NYU
Laura Yoder, English, NYU

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Mary Eileen Wennekers, English, Western University
Daniel Martin Benson, French, New York University
Jon Weier, History, Western University
Luke Arnott, Media Studies, Western University
Amy Gaizauskas, Art History, Western University

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David Joselit, The Graduate Center, CUNY
Claire Bishop, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Andrianna Campbell
Jonathan Patkowski

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Iman Issa

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